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Step 1: Degreasing Your Screen

The crucial first step in any art silkscreen printing project. Find out the proper process of degreasing your screen in our first video tutorial. 

Step 2: Coating the Screen with Emulsion

Next up, coating your screen with emulsion, another important step in the silkscreen printing process. Click to watch our video on the next stage.


ASPA-Certified Video Tutorials

We are proud certified members of the American Screen Printing Association and they're here to help answer your questions with professional online tutorials.

Step 3: Exposing Your Image

Now to expose the image... Follow Nikki as she demonstrates how to make your design printable onto your desired fabric. Click the thumbnail to watch!

Step 4: Preparing Your Screen for Printing

Finally, you can prepare your screen for the most exciting step - printing! Watch as Nikki shows you how to do just that. Click the thumbnail to watch the video!