Emulsions & Fillers

Emulsions & Fillers

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Screen Printing Emulsions

Whatever your screen printing needs, we sell a range of high-quality Screen Emulsions to suit everyone. 


Whether you are printing onto textiles, paper, plastic, metal or any other substrate, it is important to select the correct emulsion for your screen printing requirements. 

Here is a guide to help you:

One Coat  Emulsion for Plastisol & Waterbased Inks:  This emulsion is now both water and plastisol resistant and is ideal for shorter print runs (using Art2Silkscreen Inks approx 500 garments) using waterbased and plastisol inks.

Hybrid+ Emulsion - This emulsion is suitable for Halftone/Finer details Designs when printing with Waterbased, Plastisol & Hybrid inks.

Saatigraf HS3 Emulsion (Replaced Hybrid Plus) - This emulsion is suitable for Halftone/Finer detailed designs when printing with waterbased, plastisol, solvent, UV and discharge inks.  Longer Print Runs and outstanding durability.

SAATI PHU 2 Emulsion - Saatitex 1 - Part Photopolymer Emulsion. 

  • Outstanding resistance to aggressive water and plastisol and discharge inks.
  • Extreme durability; withstands long print runs. 
  • Excellent print definition on any mesh.
  • 45% solids content.
  • Exposes two times faster than a diazo or dual-cure emulsion.
  • Also suitable for DLE (diodes) exposure.

Max-R Emulsion - Magna Cure emulsion. 

  • Outstanding resistance to aggressive water and solvent-based inks and adhesives.
  • Extreme durability; withstands long print runs. Heat and humidity resistance.
  • Excellent imaging.
  • Easy reclaimability with high pressure.

Screen Filler Solvent Resistant


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Fully hardens the stencil for permanent resistance.

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Recommended Maximum Resistance! For use with water, solvent, UV and plastisol based inks.

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One Coat Emulsion


For Plastisol and Waterbased Inks.

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Screen Filler Water Resistant


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Saatigraf HS3 Dual Cure Emulsion


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Saati Saatitex PHU 2 Red Emulsion (1 PART)


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For halftone/finer detail high definition solvent, UV, water, hybrid & plastisol resistant.

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